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Prof. Mohammed Islam talks about lasers for health and security

Prof. Islam talks about his research in optics and lasers. His lasers research spans from medical to national security applications. He has founded several companies and teaches courses on patent law and entrepreneurship.

EECS 410 – Patent Fundamentals for Engineers

This course, one of the few such courses in the U.S, is taught by Prof. Islam, electrical engineer and entrepreneur. Winter 2012 the course was co-taught by EECS alumnus and patent attorney Thomas Lewry.

Monitoring Glucose with Lasers

Professor Mohammed Islam is leading the reconstruction of super continuum lasers he designed for the military to detect the chemical composition in camouflage nets and explosives into a non-invasive tool that can measure a teaspoon of glucose in the blood system.

New laser shows what objects are made of

A new laser developed by Prof. Islam’s group can show what objects are made of. The system, which is made of off-the-shelf telecommunications technology, emits a broadband beam of infrared light. While most lasers emit light of one wavelength, or color, broadband lasers like this one give off a tight beam packed with columns of light covering a range of wavelengths — a blend of colors. The beam the new laser emits is invisible, but it can illuminate deep information. By shining it on a target and analyzing the reflected light, researchers can tell the chemical composition of the target. The laser could potentially help military aircraft identify hidden dangers such as weapons arsenals far below. It could also have applications in medicine and environmental studies.

Prof. Islam & PA Thomas Lewry | Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Patents

What does it take to get a trademark, copyright or patent? How is the idea of intellectual property changing in this digital age? In what ways can you best protect your intellectual property now and in the future? In this 2013 lecture, Prof. Islam and Tom Lewry explored these questions and more, teaching how to navigate both basic and more advanced intellectual property issues with 2 seasoned experts.